I know I KNOWW it's literally the beginning of the year and we should enjoy each season and each moment as it comes, but I am so ready to put away my neutral matte palettes and bring out my colorful shimmery colors!

I used to not care for Spring at all, and I didn't really start to appreciate it until I was older. Living in Washington made me dislike Spring because of the constant rain and gloomy skies, but once I learned how to express myself through makeup and clothing while still managing staying warm, I didn't think Spring was so bad!


The first trend that I have been seeing is monochromatic makeup looks! If you haven't heard of the brand Colourpop, stop what you're doing right now, and check them out! They have really paved the way for monochromatic eye shadow palettes. Basically what you want to do is choose a color to make the focal point. If you want something more wearable, choose something in the pink or berry family. For those of you who are more adventurous, the sky's the limit! Try a lavender or blue for a cool retro look!




Colorful eyeliner can seem a little costume-y if paired with other bold colors. The liner shown in this photo is an easy way to have a fun pop of color without looking like a clown. Take a light brown or tan shadow (your bronzer works perfectly!) and sweep it all over your lids. Add a bright or pastel colored liquid eyeliner, and create a thin wing to pull off this super cute look!


Nyx Cosmetics has some of the best and most affordable colorful liners. And they're cruelty free!


Inner corner colors have been a trend for as long as I can remember, but after Kylie Jenner's iconic Valentine's day makeup tutorial, everyone has been rocking this look! It's for the people who want a to wear color, but also don't want to commit to a full on colorful eye. To acheive this look, take a fluffy brush with a light shade of whatever color you're going with and swirl it around in circular motions making sure to not get color on your actual lid. Next, take a slightly darker shade of your color and pack it in your inner corner (remember to blend the edges into your lighter shade!) Lastly, take a shimmer version of your color, and pop that into the smallest part of your inner corner, and you're good to go! This look is super dreamy and looks great with any color.


Hot pink is a color that any skin tone can wear. It's a statement all on it's own, and kind of gives the same feeling you get when you wear your favorite red lipstick, but a little more flirty. Pair this lip with a nude eye and highlighted skin, and you'll look like a goddess!

@deborahpraha @itsmyrayeraye

My favorite pink lipsticks are Candy Yum Yum from Mac, and from Anastasia Beverly Hills


One of my absolute favorite looks is having dewy skin and a bold brow. If you're able to, try not setting your foundation and go a little darker on your brows. To me, it's more of a youthful look that is just straight up pretty! Dewy skin will not last as long as a normal powdered face, so keep in mind that you may have to touch up more often than normal, but it's totally worth it!



This is probably the easiest look on this list, and one of my favorites! I love this because this is so easy for anyone to pull off. I have to remind myself that no everyone is a makeup artist, and not everyone has hours to spend on blending out eye shadow! The way to get this super effortless look is by taking one color on a fluffy brush and literally sweeping it on your lids. The bristles of a fluffy brush are not dense therefore they will not pack a ton of color on your lid giving you that watercolor effect. Try this technique with pastel colors to keep it light for the springtime vibe.



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