5 Beauty Must-Haves for Summertime!

Hello Grinning Cat Beauties!! Summer is just around the corner, and I don't know about you, but I am ready to hit the beach and lay out in the sun! If you have any sort of social media, you've probably seen several pictures of guys and girls having this radiant glowing skin and sun-kissed bronzy bodies, and you may wonder to yourself, "How did they get their skin to look like that?" I am here to let you in on all of their secrets and get you ready for any summer party or outing you attend!

Step 1-Polish that body!

Just like you would exfoliate your face before applying makeup, you want to do the same to your body! Not only will your skin feel and look super soft, but any products you apply after will just MELT into your skin and leave it feeling like a baby's booty! This body polish in particular is one of my favorites for several reasons. One, it is very cost effective! Two, a little goes a long way; and three, it literally smells like ice cream, and what's better than smelling like ice cream? (Pro Tip: If you use self tanner or go tanning, use this before for a more even tan)

Step-2 Protect your Skin

The Neutrogena sunscreen spray is hands down the best sunscreen I have ever used. I have very sensitive skin, and normally have to use baby sunscreen so that I don't break out in a rash. This sunscreen however is super lightweight, fragrance free, and doesn't leave you with that weird purple-ish hue that a lot of other sunscreens have. The other cool thing about this sun screen is that it is such a lightweight mist of spray that doesn't need to be rubbed in, and doesn't have a film-like texture to it, but more of a moisturizing feel. Also it leaves the most beautiful sheen to your skin! This sunscreen comes in SPF 30, 50, and 100!

Step Three- Achieve Goddess Status

If you don't walk out of your house looking like a sun dipped goddess, you're not doing it right. The Patrick Ta Major Glow Body Oil is definitely on the pricey side, but let me tell you. Once you try this, you'll be hooked. Despite it's name, this body oil is not the oily slippery sparkly mess you may think it is. It is a lightweight slick feeling oil that has the most beautiful shimmery finish. It also adds a light bronze to your skin to make it look as if you just came back from an island vacay!

Step 4- Refresh!

Along with beautiful summer weather comes extreme heat in some places. Even if you are not wearing a full face of makeup on a hot day, your face and body can sometimes feel as if it's melting off. The quick fix for this is using a facial spray. Not to be confused with a setting spray, an actual facial spray does not have any lasting power that keeps your makeup on, it simply refreshes your skin and gives it a hydro boost! My favorites are the Mario Badescu facial sprays because of their natural ingredients and because of their skin benefits. I use these before, during, and after I apply my makeup! They come in a few different scents that have ingredients specific for all skin types! Find your flavor by clicking the link below!

Step 5- Smell Yummy!

You're probably thinking, Ari, this isn't a skin product! And I would say to you, "You're right!" But I could not imagine writing this article without including one of the best summer scents of all time. Close your eyes and imagine laying on a tropical beach with a coconut martini in one hand, you're wearing a big sun hat, and have the sand between your toes. There's a salty yet sweet breeze blowing through your hair, and you're playing your favorite song on your portable speaker. That's what this fragrance smells like to me! It's called "At the Beach" for a reason! It is the most subtle combination of coconuts, sea salt, sunscreen, and pineapples. (wow, when I say that out loud, it doesn't sound that great, but trust me, it is!) The even better thing about this is that it's from Bath & Body Works, so it won't cost you an arm and a leg!

(Use Coupon Code S2RT2TY for 20% off your entire purchase until 5/12, you're welcome!)

If you try out any of these products, be sure to let us know by leaving a comment, or using the hashtag #grinningcatbeauty on social media!

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