5-Minute Day to Night Makeup

As the weather is getting nicer, going out after work may become more of a common occurrence. However, most of us don’t want to go home first because let’s be real, once you get home and have a seat on your comfy couch/bed, you won’t want to get up and go out, especially if it’s not the weekend! Also, I’m not sure I know anyone who lugs around their entire makeup collection with them everywhere they go, so, I have a couple tips that will take your daytime makeup look and turn it into a sultry nighttime look that is perfect for grabbing drinks with a few of your coworkers!

Products needed: Mascara, Black/Dark Brown Eyeliner, Your Favorite Lipstick, Bronzer, and Highlighter.

Step One: Read my article on “How to Look Alive in 5 Minutes” 😉

Step Two: Now that you have your base, take a large fluffy powder brush, and bronze your face in the places the sun would naturally hit you. On the temples of your forehead, the hollows of your cheeks, under your chin, and your jawline.

Pro Tip: START LIGHTLY! You can always build up the color but taking away color is difficult.

Step Three: Highlight the tops of your cheek bones, and the inner corner of your eyes

Step Four: Smudge a black or dark brown eyeliner on your lower lash line and on the outer corners of your top lid.

Step Five: Add a generous coat of mascara to both your top and bottom lashes.

Step Six: Add your favorite lip stick or gloss and head out the door!

These steps literally take 5 minutes, and make you look like a million bucks!

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