Beauty from Inside Out (Taking care of skin through diet & lifestyle)

Many of us believe that to have a glowing, healthy skin, we must invest in expensive skin care from top name brands, unfortunately no skin care regimen will work if the body is not getting enough well balanced nutrients, unless, some are born so lucky genetically, no matter what she/he does, the skin just looks amazing. This could be the case, if you are in your twenties, for almost all of us, if we do not take care what goes into our body, it will show when we reach our forties.

We all had bad habits in our twenties, drinking, eating junk, staying up late all the time, smoking, all of the above and beyond. When we reach closer to thirty, it’s truly time to start caring about what goes into our body, time to rejuvenate and start preparing towards a balanced lifestyle, healthy balanced eating habits, forming good habits takes time, first step is with intention and the rest will follow.

Beautiful greens great for skin

Warm water - Before putting anything into your body in the morning - Drink 2-4 cups of warm water (if you can do 7 even better, I met an Ayurvedic doctor on my flight to NY one time, and she stressed that if I could drink 7 cups in the morning before breakfast, chances of me getting sick or catching a cold would be very unlikely, I tried this and I rarely got sick), I always squeeze some lemon juice into my first cup. Majority of our body is made out of water, water helps to activate our organs to maximize their function, it will help to cleanse our blood and flush toxins. I had read some articles saying it’s not important to drink water, but I have seen the difference in people who drink lots of water and not, your skin do not lie. Water will also help lose and maintain a healthy body weight.

Organic vegetables & fruit - Most of us hardly eat enough vegetables in a day, I notice many times vegetarians don’t include vegetables in every meal, instead of vegetables, I see them eating carbs, carbs do not provide enough nutrients for the body to both maintain a healthy weight or for the glowing skin we are all after. Vegetables and fruit contain high levels of vitamins and minerals our body need to maintain a healthy functioning body, our body is like a machine, it needs proper maintenance for it to function in high capacity. A healthy eating habit is a lifestyle and a commitment. Try making a green, banana and berry smoothie as your morning pre breakfast snack, no protein powder necessary. Then, for breakfast, always include vegetables with your eggs or sauteed, some as a side with your eggs, I personally love kale, peppers, chard or spinach or all together.

Supplements - I truly believe great quality supplements are worth the investment, they are good as prevention and as an extra boost of help for our body. I love Vitamin C for skin, a high dose of good quality Vitamin C powder will not just benefit your skin but also help in fighting a cold, flu or any seasonal ailments. If I have the money, I will definitely try a Vitamin C IV treatment once a month, I’ve met two Doctors back in Malaysia with a skin rejuvenation practice, they both were in their fifties and have such amazing glowing skin, not a line of wrinkle, I asked them what was their secret, it was Vitamin C injections monthly and eating a ton of vegetables daily. I buy Vitamin C powder through Amazon Prime, I subscribe to it monthly. I would give to our son when I see the corner of his eyes are a little red, usually means there is an underlying bug or oncoming cold, and it never fail to prevent the oncoming cold becoming a full fledge cold.

Fat & protein - For so many years, fats was the enemy of health but today we know that sugar and high fructose corn syrup is the culprit to so many ailments, sugar breaks down the immune system and feeds viruses and bacterias. Healthy fats on the other hand has many health benefits. Fat also help to regulate our blood sugar levels and curb hunger by keeping us feeling full and satisfied much longer. There are many healthy fats, here are some of my favorites:

Virgin coconut oil - Anti viral/anti bacterial, great for when you have a sore throat or coming down with a cold. A tsp is all you need, take it as a supplement. Can also be mixed with other face oil. I love this oil, when our son was a baby, this was what we use for his skin, he has never had a diaper rash ever.

Virgin olive oil - It has Omega-3 fatty acids, Vitamin E, Polyphenols which is considered as anti-oxidant.

Fish - Wild salmon, Cod, Sardines.

Meat & poultry - When possible try buying grass fed and pasture raised meat and free range chicken.

Bone broth - I call it magic liquid, it takes a long time of simmering to get all the nutrients out the cartilages, marrow of bones but, the benefit is worth the time and effort both for health benefits and also your skin. The natural collagen from the broth will help in maintaining a healthy youthful skin. It also has an amazing health benefits especially during the cold season.

Meditation - Spending 10 minutes of your day in silence and reflection is vital for maintaining good health and healthy skin. I can’t stress enough how vital it is to include meditation time for your overall health, our whole body and immune system is so complex, there is no scientist in this world has all the answers to our complex whole body system, what we know is only the tip of the iceberg. When we meditate, our brain neurons are all activated, it open up channels to our whole body systems, from sending signals for cells to heal, grow, fight and so on. There are no limits to what our brain can do. So take ten minutes and start meditating.

It takes time for the body to adjust to a new lifestyle or regimen, so stay consistent, do not give up trying after a month, give it at least 6 months to see the benefits, but you will not regret it! Stay consistent! Happy trying and let us know in a few months how it goes.

Always include vegetables in every meal. My favorite kind of breakfast.

Always keeping my elf ears open for great tips from others.

Love always,


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