Keeping Sane & Balanced as a MOM

Updated: Oct 22, 2018

10 Minute Meditation - This is something I practice every night before bed, the only way I find I could stay calm most of the time is through this nightly meditation. I like doing my meditation in silence or some kind of nature or calm music, having someone talking in the background guiding me just doesn't work for me, but it works great for many people. I have been practicing since I was about five years old so it's a long time. If it is something new for you, try one of the guided meditation app. The main goal is to learn to silence the mind, it gets so noisy in there, it's hard to stay focused on what truly matters in life.

Let the noise pass until you reach silence, but it's OK if it doesn't happen the first night. Most important is the intention.

I like to first express my gratitude to everything I am blessed with in my life and pray for my family, friends and of course myself. At this moment too I will send my intentions and what I would like to achieve in life to the Universe. Then I will begin my 10 minute practice.

Gratitude, Prayer, Silence.

Pre planning - I feel every morning it's always a rush to get dress, make our son's Lunch, pack his snacks and make my husband and son's breakfasts, feed the pets (they keep staring at me until I feed them!)

So this is what I would have prepared the night before:-

Son's outfit for school - I would pick out his clothes and have them ready on his bench in his bedroom.

My outfit for the morning - I would have mine all picked out in my closet, depending on my activity for the morning.

Son's snack & lunch menu - A menu of what to pack and make for lunch, some snacks I would prep and pack the night before (sliced apple, carrot sticks, cheese, crackers, fruit). I find it easy when I don't have to think so early in the morning of what to make for his lunch and what to pack.

Dinner Menu - Sometimes having a two day meal planned or weekly would make life much easier. I have my weekly Dinner menu planned in my head and would write it down, usually with one dinner, I could make into another dinner, for example, when I make roast chicken on evening, I will make pasta with chicken, broccoli & pesto with the leftover roast chicken, or roast chicken curry with carrots, lentils & vegetables. Life is a little easier with some pre planning.

Weekly Me Time - Friday evening comes, I am so ready to just have an adult conversation that doesn't revolves around kids and about kids. Give me a glass of vino please. I feel we are so busy during the week trying to keep everything together, whether you are a working mom or a stay at home mom, or just a busy woman at work. We can sometimes forget to just let our hair down and take a breather.

Having me time can be anything but it has to be something that you enjoy doing and not a chore, yoga, going out for a drink with a good friend to vent or tell silly jokes (my favorite activity) don't forget you, there is only one you and no one else can take care of you but you. All the problems in the world, work, family will still be there, don't worry, just enjoy you time/me time.


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