Grinning Cat Styling : What to Wear for the Holidays

Updated: Nov 19, 2018

This was our very first makeover/styling photo shoot! We had fun playing 'stylists' to these two amazing ladies, and we cannot thank them enough for being great sports. Just like our everyday lives, we had our kids and dogs with us during our shoot. We went along with it and we were having fun until my son lost it and couldn't control his emotions because he was overtired, but he also didn't want to miss a minute of our "photo party" as he called it.

A busy mom of two, Kathy Baker, and a hardworking multitask-er and college student, Tamdin Tso were our lovely "guinea pigs" for this month's Grinning Cat Makeover. The mission was to style them within our limited budget and to give them a natural makeup look that they would feel comfortable wearing.

When it comes to fashion and style, our goal is to stay within a certain budget since that is the reality with the most of us. We mortals don't have a ton of money to burn on clothes and fashion; that being said, having a budget made it more fun to style these ladies because we love a challenge! I personally don't believe in following trends, since they come and go, but if you find a trend that you love, keep it! Wear what looks good on your body and what makes you feel confident and fierce!

Ari, our beauty extraordinaire was amazing in listening and understanding these ladies' needs and fears on having too much makeup and not being able to recognize themselves. Check out our behind-the-scenes video where Ari walks us through the products she used throughout the makeover process.

First model: Kathy Baker, Mom of two

Age: 37

Kathy - Before makeover

Kathy getting dolled up and looking gorgeous already!

She looks amazing but still very much herself

First look - A formal, glam look for a formal dinner or NYE party

Dress - ZARA $49.99 Necklace - Forever 21 $7

Holiday Look 2 - Fun semi-casual for a dinner party at friends or family

Ruffled Bodysuit - ZARA $49.99 Flared Jeans - ZARA $39.90

Holiday Look 3 - Semi Casual

Bodysuit - ZARA $49.99 Flared Jeans - ZARA $39.90

Look 3 - Semi Casual

Fuzzy Sweater - Peridot Boutique $69 Jeans - Ross $17

Ankle Boots - Peridot Boutique $20 Cuffs - Forever 21 $4

Tassel Earrings - $ Charlotte Russe - $7.99

Black Top - Peridot Boutique $79 Jeans - Ross $17

Second Model: Tamdin Tso, College student, Barista

Age: 22

Tamdin before makeover

Beautiful smile!

First look - Formal or semi-formal

Black Dress with pockets - H&M $29.99 Boots - H&M $39.99

Simply gorgeous.

Second look - Casual

Pink Sweater - H&M $7 (it was on sale!) Pink Necklace - Charlotte Russe $9.99

Third look - Semi Formal

Dress - Ross $13.99 Necklace - JC Penny $15.00 Cuffs - Forever 21 $4

Fourth & fifth look - Party

Yellow Top - Forever 21 $10.00 Black Skirt - Goodwill $3.99

Grey Sparkly Romper - H&M $24.99 Black Cardigan - H&M $12.99

Black Boots - H&M $39.99 Earrings - $7.99

Let us know what you think! If you would like to share some ideas, see a specific look, or if you have any questions at all on style and make up, shoot us an email. If you'd like to be our next makeover, get in touch!

Love always,

Grinning Cat Mag Team

*All photos were taken using the iPhone 7 portrait mode and the Rocomoco 18" ring light

Styling - Tahirah & Ari

Makeup - Ari

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