How To Speak In Public With Confidence - By Livia Jenvey - Empowered StarBoss

Updated: Jul 2, 2019

Public speaking is one of those things that everyone agrees is the scariest thing to do.

Studies have even shown most people would instead choose death, then to have to speak in public.

Being in front of an audience either on a stage, in front of peers, on television, live video, or even in your office meeting can be a nerve-racking experience.

When you get in front of people, your worst doomsday fears tend to start to run amok in your head. You are frightened you might bomb it, look like a fool in front of others, or end up being laughed at.

All of which gets even more amplified if you are someone who is naturally an introvert, like me. Speaking in public could be a terrifying experience.

So how does one empower their ability to speak in public with confidence?

From being someone who once never spoke in public...yes I seriously used to get teased for never speaking at all. To a woman who now is paid to speak in front of a variety of audiences. I can honestly tell you, you can speak in public confidently.

If you are ready to start, here are a few tips I have learned over the years that can help you begin today:

1) Practice, Practice, & Practice Some More

Practicing is all about getting comfortable in what you are speaking. The more time you give yourself to practice before a talk, the better. Building confidence in what you say starts with being comfortable in what you are saying. When you practice, practice, and practice some more you get comfortable in what you are talking. So much so, you will know what you are talking about like the back of your hand. When you practice, it helps you to begin to feel confident in your speaking topic(s).

2) Watch How You Do, Before You're In Front Of Anyone

Similar in the way you will take a million selfies and review them to make sure you looked good in the photo before you post it. Consider doing the same thing before you speak in public. You could practice speaking in front of a mirror. Or if you are extra brave, record yourself and review how you did. When you watch yourself practice your talk, you learn how you move and allow yourself to know what shifts you can adjust during your speech. Allowing you to feel confident in your body as you present.

3) Dress for Success

This one is my favorite part. It's all about opening up the closet and bringing out that piece that each time you wear it, you feel confident. It could be a favorite piece of jewelry, an outfit, shoes, anything that resonates confidence to you. I love fashion, and each time I am giving a new paid talk, I will go out and find a stylish new piece that makes me feel super confident and empowered to wear. When you wear something you feel confident in, you will feel empowered, and those you are speaking with will feel this too!

The next time you are looking to Speak In Public With Confidence, try out these tips above to help you feel empowered.

Livia Jenvey is Business Coach, entrepreneur, speaker, and author. She helps women holistically get past the challenges they face as entrepreneurs to become successful businesswomen.

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