How To Spring Clean & Reorganize Your Life: 3 Easy Tips - Written by Empowered Starboss

Quite soon we will be in the full bloom of the beautiful flowers and tree blossoms of spring. Similar to a tree bestowing its beautiful colors after being bare in winter mode. We like putting away those bulky sweaters and jackets. We've been wearing for months. To sport the cute, colorful spring dresses and shoes instead. Which, when our mind starts to think of putting away jackets and pulling out our spring wear. We naturally begin to feel it’s time to start our spring cleaning.

However, when you have many things to manage in your life from running a business, maintaining a family, driving kids to events, expanding your career, etc. Spring cleaning and reorganizing are not going to sound fun. Sure Marie Kondo's Tidying Up show is entertaining to watch, but who's got the time to spring clean and reorganize with a lot already on your plate. You barely have enough time to figure out where exactly did you put that box of spring dresses last year, which was last year's spring clean project to reorganize.

To not have another 'leftover spring clean project,' you know what I mean. You had a list of spring cleaning projects from last year you left unfinished because you didn't have the time to finish it.

Below are three easy tips I recommend to help you create your spring cleaning and reorganization project one full of ease this year and can do quickly. These tips allow you to avoid another unfinished spring cleaning project for next year.

Tip #1: Prioritize Top 10 Things You Would Like Changed

Sure cleaning out the closet, organizing the garage, filing all the papers, putting all the toys away in new containers, throwing out the old stuff, buying new clothes, and on and on and on. We all have a very long list of things we would love to change. Though what ones require organizing first?

Ask Yourself the following questions to define the top ten things to focus on for your spring cleaning this year:

- Does This Need To Be Replaced?

- Is This A Nice To Have?

- Is This A Long Overdue Upgrade?

- On A Scale From 1 to 10 (1 = Easy & 10 = Hard) will it take to complete?

Tip #2: Determine One Change You Are Excited About

Once you have defined the top ten things to prioritize on for your spring cleaning list, it's time to narrow it down further.

Truthfully, spending hours working on your top 10 will not bring you the most joy, but there are some things there individually which will. You will be more excited and likely to complete a couple of things on your list, verse all of them. Let's dive deeper into all the things you listed, and zone in on the number one thing you can focus on for your spring cleaning and reorganization project this year.

The reason I recommend focusing on determining the number one item. Is because the top number one thing will bring you the most joy in your life and this one has the highest possibility of you making sure you do change it this year. A win-win in you getting your spring cleaning project done. To do this, now ask the following question:

What Would Provide Me The Greatest Joy For Months If Changed?

Think of about each thing on your spring clean list, and out of all of them which one would have you dancing happily for months if you got it done. For example, if your thinking it has been a long time since you did a wardrobe upgrade. Imagine yourself buying new summer dresses. Does envisioning wearing new clothes bring the biggest smile on your face than wearing the old one you had from the last couple of years? If you answered yes, then your spring cleaning and organizing project is to focus on a wardrobe upgrade. Because upgrading your closet is going to give you the most happiness and joy for months.

Tip #3: Ask For Help

Now you have your top priority spring clean and organize project. It is all about getting help. Spring cleaning and organizing don't need to it be a solo task. Enroll the help of others to help you get things done efficiently and quickly. For example, you are doing a wardrobe upgrade. Enlist your friends or family to help with donating your old clothing. Have a girls day where you and your BFFs all go out and help you get new clothes. Hey, you can even get the kids in it and make it a game to see how fast they can convert any of your old t-shirts to cleaning rags. The sky’s the limit and the more people you ask for help and enroll in this, the quicker it will get completed.

Try these three easy tips today to help you spring clean and re-organize your life with ease. Create this year's spring cleaning project into something you look forward to doing. Because when you have confidently completed spring cleaning and reorganization project like an Empowered StarBoss. It will open the doors to more abundance in your life with all the new space and room you created. Especially if you're sporting the sexy new outfit, you bought this year!

Livia Jenvey is Business Coach, entrepreneur, speaker, and author. She helps women holistically get past the challenges they face as entrepreneurs to become successful businesswomen.

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