How to Stay Motivated When You Don't Feel Like It !

by Livia Jenvey Empowered StarBoss

One of the biggest challenges I found when I first started as an entrepreneur over a decade ago was staying motivated to keep going each day, especially on the days you just don't feel like it.

When you feel overwhelmed from too many things on your plate, you're tired and downright cranky. It can be daunting to get anything done when you’re feeling pretty low. Sure, you've got high hopes of achieving great things. But, instead, you'd rather through back the covers and stay in bed.

If you’re struggling to stay motivated to get things done, then try out the following Empowering Your Future Exercise. Many of my clients have found this exercise very easy and helpful to do on those days when ‘I just didn't feel like it’ overtakes them:

Empowering Your Future Exercise

To move your life forward is about bridging the gap between where you are and where you would like to be. This exercise helps you EMPOWER your future, so you can get things done even when you might be dragging & not feeling motivated.

Step #1: Architect Your Future

Your desired future is your dreamed of castle on the top of the hillside. It's your place where you are the ruler of a grand kingdom and have all you desire. To get to your dream of the castle of the future, you gotta have a bridge to get you there.

Before you even create the bridge, you have to architect what your dreamed of future will look like first. Because your dreamed of future, is the core motivation to why your doing what you do.

To architect your dream castle kingdom ruling life, take a moment to detail all of your future out — where, who, what, sensations, seriously the more specific the better. Get a journal and write it out all the details on paper. I find getting pictures are beneficial here too because they show you a visual representation of who you are in the future. Take as much time needed, and enjoy creating out your future.

Step 2: Build Your Bridge To The Future

Now, here's where the fun begins. This is the part where you begin building the bridge to where you are to where you want to go.

Each day either in the AM before you get out of bed, or in the PM before you go to sleep, take 5 to 10 minutes visualizing yourself living the future self you had architected out in detail. Make this a do not disturbed time where you close your eyes and visualize you’re now living in your future.

Imagine you are accepting the award, depositing the large check from the client, buying the high-end shoes, taking the vacation, etc. Have fun here and enjoy the experience, really live in it now. This helps you reconnect daily to the high vibe feelings of excitement about your future.

Step 3: Setup Daily Motivator Markers

After you have architected your desired future and spent time daily to live in your dreams. It’s time to set up daily motivator markers to keep you motivated no matter what. You will create motivational markers that you’ll place in your physical environment that can be seen as a quick reminder of your future. Each day when you pass by and see one or many of these markers, it will remind you of your core motivation.

To create your motivational markers get post-it notes and write statements of your future on each one. Write out your statements such as: I am living in a beautiful new home, I am debt free, I am receiving ongoing sales daily, etc. Then place these post-it notes in places like the bathroom mirror, your desk, the refrigerator, etc. anywhere you tend to pass by daily. These motivational markers will support you each day as visual reminders for keeping you motivated. Because each time you see one it will get you to recall the great future you’re working to have and will shift you out of a low vibe ‘I just don’t feel like it’ mindset.

To an Empowering high vibe, ‘I’m getting this done’ type of mindset instead.

The next time you are just not feeling like doing something, do the Empower Your Future Exercise. It will help you quickly get re-motivated to achieve your dreams and more!!

Livia Jenvey is a Business Coach, entrepreneur, speaker, and author. She helps women holistically get past the challenges they face as entrepreneurs to become successful businesswomen.

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