I Decided Not To Use Shower Products for a Month!!

My husband Rob forwarded me an article about a group of people who decided to stop showering or using any kind of body wash or soaps altogether, well they still wash when necessary. The idea is to rebuild a healthy skin microbiome, our skin is one of the largest organ of our body, it has many many minuscule pores that absorbs whatever we lather, rub or use on our skin. 

And through our daily ritual of showering and bubble bath, it kills all the ever important microbiome our body needs to maintain a healthy and strong immune and skin health in general.

I decided to experiment with this wild concept although instead of not washing completely, I just stopped using soap and body wash for my body, I still shampoo my hair once a week and wash my face daily. I just can’t not not shower since I run and work out a lot, with all the sweat, I just can’t do it. To begin with, I’m lucky because I just never and don’t have a smell or a body odor, I know it’s strange but I just don’t, even when I’m super sweaty, my arm pits don’t smell and hell do I sweat like a boxer in a ring. 

Truthfully, after giving birth to our boy year ago, I stopped having regular showers, I would probably shower every two to three days! I know, horrible but, it was so hard finding the time and I decided to use the San Francisco drought as an excuse and the habit continued until we moved to Seattle until about a year ago, instead of skipping showers every three days, I’d shower every other day with body wash, and I use only natural products that contain no parabens and other undesirable chemicals. Seriously right?

Ok, look I’m not a slob, anybody who knows me, knows that, you wouldn’t even know I haven’t had a shower, I look like I had one and again, I don’t smell. The problem I find with that was, I started getting little pin prick bumps all over the back of my thighs and upper arms. And I started getting them after giving birth, I thought they were caused by all the chemicals and hormones I injected into my body during our whole IVF cycles. My body doesn’t really have great capacity to naturally detox toxic chemicals due to some genetic mutations, thank you mother nature, I love you too. So instead of urinating, the way out usually will be through the skin. 

I actually surrendered to that fact that I will not get back my smooth thighs and upper arms, until I decided to shower almost daily,  well maybe around five to six times a week but with just hot water and a natural fiber scrub cloth, very short showers unless I’m washing my hair I use sugar and essential oil rubs once every two weeks. It’s been a month and my skin is clearing up, I still have some but not as many and do I smell? Not at all!

I do use lotion and body oils daily for keeping my skin moisturized. And what’s my verdict? I’ll continue on for now and let’s see how my skin is in the winter! Will keep you posted. 

Shower Sans Soap Fun Facts:

Did not make me smell funky

I smell great!

Less needle prick bumps on my skin

Total money saver!

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