Jean Michel Basquait - A Beautiful Mind

Photo by - William Coupon - Wikipedia

Jean Michel Basquait was a New York artist in the 1970’s -1980’s, when the Punk, Hip Hop and street art culture collide. He was born in Brooklyn, New York, December 22nd, 1960.

He was the only celebrated Black Artist/Painter during his time although he did not really want to be known as that and simply as Basquait, he was an intellectual, lots to say and express bursting of creative energy. His work was a mix of honest expression, poetry, words and powerful imagery.

He started off, painting art on building in Lower Manhattan, his most well known clause was “SAMO” (Same Old, in reference of same old shit with politics and in whats happening in the world) a collaboration with Diaz that ended around 1979.

Apart from painting, he appeared live on TV for a few years a Show called - Show Party by Glenn O’Brien. He also formed a band named Gray, a noise rock band with the spirit of Jazz and improvisational music.

He had his first Solo Show in 1980’s in Italy at Emilio Mizzoli Gallery. He also starred in a film by Glenn O’Brien, Donwtown 81’ and a few biographical films about his life and work were made after his death, one in particular was directed by Julian Shcnabel titled “Basquiat”.

Basquiat died in August 1988 of Heroin overdose in his Art Studio in New York a year after Andy Warhol’s death.

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