Lotta Hannerz

Lotta Hannerz, is a Swedish born artist who came from a very interesting and eclectic family background. She was born in 1968 in Stockholm, lived in Paris and now in Thailand. Her father was a neurologist, mother a fashion designer and older brother who was a fashion photographer now architect and product designer.

She has had numerous shows in Stockholm and around Europe. Her most distinctive and memorable sculptures were her water mobile series, where each sculpture was placed at various venues. Venus Water Mobile in La Fontaine des Médicis in Jardin du Luxembourg, Paris, France 2006. Venu? Water Mobile in Stockholm Harbor.

Her works are mainly of everyday life of self portraits, people and places with the study of light and shadows, a play with optical illusion and 3 dimensional paintings with mixed media and sculptures made from everyday found materials. Her works to me are fun, interesting, thought provoking and never boring, quirky comes to mind.

For any information please contact Galerie Forsblom Helsinki/Stockholm

or Galerie Papillon Paris.



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