Love Your Body At Any Size

Hi there! I’m Ari, your Grinning Cat beauty and fashion extraordinaire-HA! In all seriousness, I’m just your average girl who loves makeup and fashion, and who wants to share her passion with others.

I grew up believing that because of my size, I wasn’t allowed to feel pretty, or dress nicely. I was supposed to wear all black because it’s slimming; I should wear baggy shirts and loose pants to hide my body; I should only wear long sleeves and long skirts or pants even in the summertime because you know, only slim people can wear shorts and tank tops. Well you know what I say to that? Nobody has the power to make me feel a certain way about myself other than…ME!

I live by the motto that we should always strive to be our best selves. We should live a healthy lifestyle and take care of our bodies, but no matter what size you are, dress in a way that makes you feel beautiful! Body confidence starts on the inside – you must love yourself in order to fully feel and LOOK your best.

Just think about it: you know how you have those days where you just feel...BLAH? What do you usually do to get yourself out of that mindset? You do something that makes you feel good! Whether it's watching your favorite movie, listening to some good music, throwing a solo dance party, or reading a book, you end up feeling better after a few minutes. The same concept works for feeling good about your body. Let's start out simple by choosing an article of clothing or an accessory that is in your favorite color - it could be a shirt, pants, shoes, anything! - then add that piece to an already existing outfit that makes you feel confident. Next, get out of the house and go strut your stuff! I guarantee you will start to feel more confident the more you practice this. Pretty soon you'll start feeling comfortable enough to experiment with clothing that you'd never imagine yourself wearing. You know why? because you've learned to start loving yourself from the inside out, and you wore things that made YOU feel good regardless of what anyone else thinks! Always remember this: Beauty is not a "one size fits all" - don't ever give anyone the power to make you feel less than who you are.

My goal is to help every reader love themselves a little more each day. Everyone has an inner goddess just waiting to burst out!

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