Love Your Body At Any Size Pt.2

Being plus size can oftentimes make me and many others feel as if they can only wear certain articles of clothing. If you want to dress up, you shouldn't wear anything form fitting because loose fitting clothing covers up your "problem areas". You can't show off your body because you're not small enough, You can't do dozens of other things because society has created this unrealistic idea of what we are supposed to look like. I'm here to tell you that you CAN wear clothing that shows off your curves, you CAN wear bright beautiful patterns and colors, you CAN wear whatever makes you feel beautiful!

For the longest time, I hid under baggy clothes and wore oversized jackets because I didn't want to "offend anyone with my size." Do you hear how crazy and unhealthy that sounds? Unfortunately, many women and men suffer from this same mentality. If you are reading this article, and you are having these thoughts about your body, I want you to know that you are BEAUTIFUL and you are WORTH IT! Nobody on this planet should determine how you feel about yourself. Sure it's nice to receive compliments, but those compliments shouldn't validate how you view your body. Beauty and confidence come from the inside, and that starts by loving yourself unconditionally, and being unapologetically yourself.

This month I want each reader to write down ten things about themselves that they love. Whether it be appearance related, or something about your personality, write those ten things down and read them to yourself each time you have an unhealthy thought about your body. I know this may seem like a small insignificant thing to do, but trust me, doing this will slowly but surely start to make you feel good about yourself. Everyday before work, or before going out, I take a long look in the mirror and admire myself. I am far from perfect, and not even the "ideal standard of beauty", but I've learned to love my skin, my height, my tummy, and every little bump, curve, and freckle I have.

Becoming confident doesn't just happen overnight; it is definitely a process, but taking these small steps to start loving yourself will make you realize you are an amazing, fabulous, wonderful, BEAUTIFUL person who should be proud of the skin you're in. Like I've said before, we should all strive to be healthy and be our best selves, but while we are in the process of reaching our body goals, we need to love ourselves. We only have one body, and we should take care of it, not only through how we feed ourselves or how we exercise, but also how we treat ourselves mentally.

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