Mimos: Euro Chic fashion for kids

Claudia and her beautiful family

Mimos is a children’s clothing line with classic charm designs created by a talented local Seattlelite originally from Mexico City, Claudia Gonzalez. Her creations, inspired by her travel to Spain are Euro chic, classic and elegant using high quality natural fabrics and materials. She is a mother of three children constantly multi tasking and running a children’s clothing line on the side is simply inspiring and something to be admired.

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When and where was Mimos established?

Mimos was established in 2014. Our flagship boutiques we partner with are located in Seattle and its surroundings; however, we sell online as well through our website (www.mimosclothes.com) and Amazon Handmade: (https://www.amazon.com/handmade/MIMOS)

What was the process and journey from the idea conception to the launch of your clothing line?

It's been an interesting and busy journey always! MIMOS is the twin of my first son -Eduardo-. They both were born pretty much at the same time. But my kids are my inspiration everyday in every single aspect of my life! When I learned that I was pregnant of my first munchkin I wanted to go shopping everywhere but it was hard to find the clothes that I had in mind for them. That spring we did our first trip as a family of three to Spain and I fall in love with classic and simple, yet elegant style they carry. The prints and textures of the fabrics, their colors, their way to match every outfit feels harmonious. Right away I started working on my new project, finding suppliers, designing the brand, choosing a meaningful name, building the website, and so on. Many things that you need to do with an endless list but I put together a collections set a date to launch the brand. Ready to learn and make adjustments all down the road! It’s been an exciting enriching experience!

Do you design them yourself or do you have a designer working on the designs for Mimos?

I sketch all the designs and work directly with the people that handcraft the garments. They are very talented and hardworking so we team to make everything I have in mind possible.

How do you juggle as a mom of three and manage your business the same time?

I try to have as much fun as possible otherwise I truly believe it’s not worthy. They are my endless source of inspiration, they are my models, my confidents, my allies. It’s our adventure!

How did you choose the name of your brand and what is the meaning behind it?

The name is in Spanish, as it’s my native language. It means pampering. That’s what I enjoy the most pamper my kids!

Where do you sell your clothing line?

MIMOS sells locally in boutiques in Seattle, like Essenza (Fremont), The Original Children Shop (Madison Park), Little Tugs (Anacortes). Soon we’ll expand to the East coast, as well.

On our website www.mimosclothes.com and through AMAZON HANDMADE www.amazon.com/handmade/MIMOS

Where do you see Mimos in the next five years? Do you have any plans on expanding it?

There’s a lot of work on the road in different areas. Most important I want to expand our presence in local boutiques throughout the country. Stay tune in our newsletter. You can sign up through our website!

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