My Top 10 Horror Movie Faves!

It's my favorite time of year grinning cat readers! If there's one thing I love more than makeup, it's a good horror movie! Just in case you're in the mood to watch a few horror movies this Halloween season, here's my top ten favorites! By the way, these aren't in any particular order; they're just my faves!

#1 As Above So Below

This movie is such a trip! I remember watching it in theaters and hanging on to every scene, every word! It takes place in the Catacombs of Paris where an explorer wishes to complete her father’s last quest before he passed away. She along with a few friends are in search of a historical artifact and end up finding a “gateway to hell” The fact that this movie is shot found footage style is what makes it that much creepier. You really feel as if you’re in the catacombs with them. I highly recommend this movie! It’s not filled with your typical jump-scares, but it’s one that will give some chills!

#2 Nighmare on elm’s street

Now, this movie is a classic! I don’t think I watched this movie until I was in jr. high or high school, and I’m so glad I waited that long. Can you imagine a child watching this nightmare-fueled movie!? Don't get me wrong, I've watched my share of slasher films as a young child, but just the idea of a deranged burned monster killing kids in their dreams is enough to make you…well…not want to go to sleep! This is a movie that I absolutely HAVE to watch each October otherwise it doesn’t really feel like Halloween!

#3 Hereditary

I’m not going to lie; this movie is very unsettling and disturbing. So, if you’re not a horror fan, I highly recommend skipping this one. After watching this movie in theaters (twice) this has easily become one of my favorite horror films! Basically, a cult leader dies to aid in a ritual to summon their pagan god. Yeah, it’s just as morbid as it sounds! But hear me out. There’s not any obviously spooky supernatural imagery in this movie which makes it scarier! The spirits you see in this movie look just like normal people and that’s what make the movie so unsettling. Hereditary is definitely an acquired taste, but it’s an amazing film!

#4 The Conjuring 1 and 2

I couldn’t make this list without mentioning the Conjuring. I have been watching horror movies since I was very little; like 4 or 5 years old. So, as you can imagine, I’m very picky and somewhat un-phased when it comes to horror films; but the Conjuring actually scared me to the point where I slept with the lights on after watching it! I absolutely love the fact that it’s based off true events; something about that automatically raised the bar of the movie. In fact, all the films in the Conjuring universe should be on this list, but then we wouldn’t have any room for my other faves!

#5 A Quiet Place

I love this movie for three reasons: One, it’s a movie that I can watch with my mother, and yes, she hates horror movies haha! Two, the actors in this film are EXTREMELY talented! Three, the concept is pretty original and pretty cool! A family is forced to survive during the middle of an alien infestation. But get this, the aliens cannot see you, they can only hear you! Even the smallest sound can put you in life threatening danger. To me, music sets the tone of a movie, but this movie is the exact opposite! It’s silent, but so impactful! The fact that the family must remain quiet in order to survive makes you as a viewer feel slightly on edge and sympathetic towards the family. Not to mention the mom GIVES BIRTH without meds and without sound. *mind blown*

#6 Halloween

Is it even a horror movie list without this movie? Michael Meyers just has a nasty ring to it amirite!? If you’re looking for a classic slasher, he’s coming around the corner, masked murderer type movie, this is the one for you! Halloween is hands down one of the best classic horror films ever made. Let’s just forget about all of the monstrosities called sequels that were made in between the original and the newest member of the Halloween family… Rob Zombie and I’m not sure who else directed a few other Halloween sequels several years ago that just fell flat and tried to make the movie into something that it just shouldn’t be. I love that Jamie Lee Curtis stars in the newest sequel just as she does in the original. I get an overwhelming feeling of nostalgia while watching these movies…which says a lot about me... HA!

#7 Jeepers Creepers

Jeepers Creepers, where’d you get those peepers? This movie scared me so bad as a kid, but not because of the actual movie, but because my older brother would act like the monster from the movie and chase me around! Both the first and second parts of this movie are absolutely amazing! They keep you hiding under your blanket while watching them, and constantly checking over your shoulder to make sure nobody else is in the room with you. While I highly enjoyed the first two Jeepers Creepers movies, I’m still salty that I had to wait almost 15 years to get a terrible part three… save yourself the disappointment and skip that movie altogether.

#8 Midsommar

It says a lot that I just watched this movie a month ago and it’s already on my top 10 list! Midsommar is not your obvious horror movie. What makes it scary is that “I wonder if this has ever happened” feeling. A group of college students travel to Sweden to write their college thesis on the events of Midsomer and end up witnessing the terrifying ritualistic practices of a seemingly peaceful cult. Most of this movie takes place in the beautiful daylight, but somehow there is still a sinister feeling you get while watching it. There are several unsettling scenes in this movie, and much like Hereditary, you should skip this one if this type of movie isn’t your thing. Both Hereditary and Midsommar were written by Ari Aster, and boy oh boy, he’s got the horror genre down to a science. I can’t wait to see what he comes up with next!

#9 It

Growing up, I was terrified of clowns…well not regular clowns, the horrifying clowns that chase you in haunted houses! Because of this fear, I’ll admit that I didn’t watch Steven King’s “it” until two years ago. I’ve read the entire novel, seen the miniseries and both adaptations, and I am in love with the concept of “It”! The fact that some unworldly being takes on the form of your biggest fear is truly terrifying! I am so glad the remakes were split into two separate movies. The novel itself is a 45-hour read, so no wonder each remake is about 3 hours long! I love the original miniseries, but I do think it was a bit rushed. “It” is easily one of my top 2 horror films.

#10 Friday the 13th

Last but definitely not least is Friday the 13th. I watched this movie as a 5-year-old and have been in love with it since. Although there are like 27000 not so great sequels, Jason Voorhees will always have a special place in my heart. When I hear the phrase “slasher film” I automatically think of Friday the 13th. The campfire, the typical blonde girl tripping over her own feet while being chased, the corny screams, everything about these movies is what makes a horror film a horror film! You know what sounds good right now? A Friday the 13th marathon…

Alright dears! Let me know in the comments what your favorite horror movies are! Also, let me know what you're planning to be for Halloween! I have a fun tutorial coming up soon, so stay tuned!

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