My Top Rated Flats

Flats, what can I say? Many seemed comfortable, but too many are not at all. My years of searching for comfort, style and affordability took me years to finally find a few brands I enjoy walking in. I have flat feet, I didn't know when I was a little girl that I did, until, my Aussie cousin, Derryl said to me, "Hey your feet are pretty flat", blushing, I just said,"Really?"

I didn't know how to respond, it was pretty awkward.

So, I have flat feet, wide and quite large for my height. That did not stop me from loving shoes, not so much sneakers, I love sneakers only for walking at the park, running or working out, nothing else. My money will be spent on shoes and I will wear my sneakers until there are holes in them before I'd even think of buying a new one! Without going into a whole life story about my relationship with shoes and people, here are my 3 Top Rated Flats! I really, really, really love these flats! Do you have a favorite? xoxo

1 - FitFlop Women's Superskate Sneaker

Sometime last year, I was browsing Nordstrom rack and found this gem, I thought let's try them on and I was blown away on how comfortable they were. I mean, I go for long walks in the park in these, I could run and walk all day, no problem at all. Great support and cushion for flat feet, amazing. I love them! Amazon still carries them if you'd like a pair.

$71-$100 on Amazon

2 - Rothy's

I saw the ads on Instagram many times and been wondering about them, in Feb in Florida while visiting a good friend of mine, I saw she has a pair of the Leopard Print ones and asked how are they? She loves them and said they are so comfortable that she could walk all day in them and the best part about it is that they could be thrown in the washer machine when they get dirty. She said why don't you borrow them for a day, and so I did, happily!

She has a size 9, I'm usually a size 7.5 or 8, to my surprise they fit well, I wondered if my feet grew bigger! great! Fast forward to June 2019, I sent my husband the link to their website and said, "Baby, I would love a pair of these for my birthday if we have the budget, or for Christmas." So, then he ordered me a size 9 since I mentioned about Florida. I was so excited to have them for the summer. When they finally arrived, it felt a tad too big, I walked around the house for the afternoon in them unfortunately, still too big, so we returned them. They didn't and still don't have the Leopard Print in my size, my husband ordered me the Big Cat instead, size 8.5 and they fit great, although I think they could be slightly bigger but not as big on the 9. I just got them a few days ago, and I love them, I won't wear them to walk/hike in the park but great for around the city, although not as much support as FitFlop, and I can feel the ground which I don't really mind at all. Great everyday wear. I do wish they have the Leopard Print in stock for my size. Leopard print forever! Seriously..

Big Cat - The Point $145

3 - Sam Edelman Felicia Flats

I bought a pair about 5 years ago and they are still going strong, although the color has faded but they still look pretty good and comfortable, really great quality shoes. Comfort level for walking all day falls 3rd though, I could walk in them for a few hours but not all day and not what I would wear to go on a plane. They look great on almost everything, pants, jeans, summer dresses, versatile.

Sam Edelman - Felicia Flats $99.95 - $119.95

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