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Hello Grinning Cat Mag Readers! I recently had the pleasure of interviewing Jessica Vangeystel: a friend of mine who has opened up her own online clothing boutique! I immediately was interested in Mosa after seeing just a couple photos. The simplistic yet statement feel of each outfit is something we can all appreciate. As a young woman, I know how hard it is to not wear yogas and baggy shirts, or just a plain tee and some jeans literally every day. Mosa has that simple yet put together vibe that I'm sure most of us strive for on a day-to-day basis. I'm am so honored to be able promote another woman on this platform.

Please readers, take a moment to get to know Jessica, and to check out Mosa!

Why the name Mosa?

I am big on visualization when it comes to setting big or small goals. Spring of 2019 I started really talking to my husband about the idea of quitting my full time job and making the shift to becoming an entrepreneur/boutique owner. Always supportive and on board with my ideas, he started coming up with names, most I did not like, but when he said “Mosa'' it gave me pause. At this same time I am making a vision board of what I want my store to look like (visualization is a powerful tool). One of the photos I picked had an artificial tree painted white with huge branches as the centerpiece in the store. I began researching the meaning of Mosa, I happened upon a picture of a mimosa tree (I had no idea that there was such a tree) the resemblance of the tree and my vision board was uncanny. Further, once I learned that the definition of Mosa is perfect balance of brains and beauty, I was sold!

2. What/Who influences your style the most?

My style influences have always been strong, confident women in my life- to include friends, colleagues or family. Growing up, my grandmother was (and still is) one of the best dressed ladies in the room. She has always had a classic sense of style, and is never afraid to accessorize. I also like the creativity that can come from fashion. I love to mix pieces that most may not, from pattern mixing to a frilly, feminine shirt with jeans and rugged boot. I don’t believe in conforming to fashion “norms” or “rules”. Be imaginative and wear what feels good on you!

3. Have you always been into fashion, and what made you interested in starting your own brand?

I have always loved fashion, but at a certain point my career steered far away from fashion and into the law field. While I did enjoy my work, I knew that it was not the career that would fill my spirit. I also knew that there is an entire group of women that were not satisfied with the current market trends that are being sold to them at mainstream stores. I know many people who didn't want to dress like their teenager, but also didn't want to dress in boring clothes either. There is a whole demographic of beautiful women who are overlooked! I knew there had to be a solution, and I wanted to be that solution.

4. What are your biggest goals for your store?

Biggest goal will be to have a physical store within the next year. Also to be able to collaborate in person with my customers about how they want their outfits to come together would be amazing. I also want to continue to include fashion for all women, regardless of age or size. I want someone to leave my store feeling better than when they came in.

5. If you could collaborate with any brand/celebrity who would it be?

Brand wise I would love to collaborate with Anthropologie. The creative collections are a perfect blend of fashion and art.

6 Where can we find your clothing?

You can find my website at And on Facebook at and on Instagram at mosa_experience

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