New Year, New You!!! - Written by Livia - Empowered StarBoss

This is the mantra most people start to repeat as they have decided this new year their new resolution will be a “new you.”

This could be losing weight, eating healthy, expanding your business, starting a business, anything you desire.

However, with a rate of 8% of people achieving the “New Year, New You,” it can be daunting. Mostly because, with all good intentions, life likes to get in the way and throw us curve balls.

To be able to Keep & Stay on Top of Your New Year, New Resolutions, try out the following simple 5 step process:

Step 1) Create A Way to Visualize Your End Results Daily

Vision boards are great ways to do this.

Each year I like to create a vision board to outline what I plan to accomplish each year. I like to use images and text, and Pinterest is my go-to for finding great images and quotes to add to my board. Here is an example of my 2019 vision board images that I get from Pinterest.

To view my full 2019 Vision Board via Pinterest:

Once I get the items I want, I print them out and place them on a poster board on my wall. I create this and hang it on my wall of my bedroom to make sure I see it each morning when I get up & when I go to bed. As a reminder each day of the results I desire to see.

Step 2) Put on Paper Why You Desire Your End Result

What is the benefit of you receiving this resolution? If you achieve this New Year New You Resolution, how will it add to your life? This is the time to put pen to paper or open a word document and write in detail all the benefits of your new resolution. This will help you focus on all the positive this new resolution will bring into your life. As well, you writing it down and saving it will allow you to reference this for moments when you are struggling to stay on top of your resolution.

Step 3) Put on Paper What Would Happen If You Don't Achieve These End Results

Now, after you have outlined all the benefits on paper, write out in detail: What will happen if you don't do it? Right all the bad things which will happen if you don't keep this resolution. Like writing down the benefits, this will also be your reference to the negatives that will happen if you don't achieve this resolution.

Step 4) Set A Non-Negotiable Due Date to Complete this Goal

Give yourself a deadline to meet with milestones. With no non-negotiable deadline, you are open to letting this resolution slip, because it can easily get lost as a non-priority. With a non-negotiable due date, you immediate make it a priority in your life and you are more likely to keep and stay on top of getting your resolution done. For example, if you desire to lose weight to look great for your Greek Island vacation, set a date you will lose 10 pounds by in April as the deadline due date. Then for each month from then, January, February, March, set milestones to lose 2.5 pounds each month. This allows you to break down your resolution goal into smaller chunks to make it a breeze to complete.

Step 5) Get Support to Help You Stay Accountable

Will not easy when you have a day with no sleep, not enough food, dealing with people who get on your last nerve, or if as a fellow woman you are dealing with your monthly visitor who is making you super cranky. All of these things throw will power out the window. To give yourself a backup to life's curve balls, get support. If you are wanting to lose weight, get a workout buddy. Eat better, remove all the bad food from your house. Grow your business, hire a business coach. Get creative, and get another person who will hold you accountable for not getting what you desire done.

Use these steps today to empower you to Keep & Stay on Top of Your New Year, New Resolutions. These steps will allow you to proudly show off your 2019 New You!!

Livia Jenvey is Business Coach, entrepreneur, speaker, and author. She helps women holistically get past the challenges they face as entrepreneurs to become successful businesswomen.

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