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Hello Grinning Cat Beauties! It’s been a while since I’ve written anything! Let’s catch up a bit! As most of you already know, I got married a couple weeks ago and moved into a new home with my hubby! I am so happy to begin this new chapter of my life with him and can’t wait to share some of the memories with each of you! But enough of the sappy stuff, I’m ready to paint this world with makeup and dress it in funky fashionable fits! …That may have been a little extreme, let's just say, I'm happy to be back!

This year's Hot Girl Summer is quickly coming to an end and it's time for Fluffy Girl Fall! If you are to learn one thing about me, it's that I absolutely love fall. I love pumpkin spice flavored anything, I love the colors, the scents, the weather, and Halloween of course! (Stay tuned for some cute Halloween looks, BTW!) Not only do I love all that fall represents, I also love and adore the fashion more than anything! This time of year is definitely when I get more creative and put a little more thought into each outfit, and to me, it’s also the easiest time of year to put together outfits and dress super cute!

You all know I preach body positivity at every opportunity I see fit, but I can totally understand why summer can be one of the most daunting times of year because of the pressure that’s placed on everyone to look and dress a certain way. Fall is the exact opposite! It’s encouraged to layer up in cozy sweaters and big scarves! (which I’m not complaining about AT ALL) It should be the time of year that you feel the most inspired to try new styles and to maybe throw on a new lip color!

Outside of blogging and YouTube-ing, I have a full-time job AND I teach part time! So needless to say, your girl is BUSY! I don’t really have the time to curl my hair every day, or put on a full face of makeup, or even put together a complicated outfit. I am the type of girl who loved to find bold pieces and pair them with basic outfits. Here are just a few staple pieces that I absolutely cannot live without during this time of year! Let's get fall-ready!

Blanket Scarves!

Who doesn't love a good scarf? During fall, the weather can be a little temperamental, especially towards the beginning of the season. A huge knit scarf can be a little too warm, and silk scarves don't give the fall-ish vibe we're going for. Blanket scarves, however, are the perfect happy medium! They are warm and cozy without being too overwhelming, and can be worn several ways, so they're super versatile! For me, I personally like messy look shown in the photo, but you can fold them in many different ways, or even wear them as cardigans!

PC: @dia&co

Bold Hats!

Funky colored hats can add just the perfect amount of spice to an everyday outfit without doing the most. They're actually dual-purposed, fashionable and a bad hair day cover up - HA! We love a good pop of color and one of the most trendy ways to get that is with a hat. Whether it be a floppy hat, fedora, or even a beret, try out one and I guarantee you'll fall in love with at least one of the styles!

PC: @curvyoutfits

Big Sunglasses!

Okay, hear me out! Sunglasses are not just for summer! There are different types for different seasons; you just have to find the right pair for you! I love either a sleek mirrored frame like the ones I have on in the picture, or a dark chunky pair that will be linked below (You're welcome lol) To me, there is nothing sexier than a big pair of sunglasses, a scarf and leather jacket with a bold lip color! That combo just screams fall! Please don't knock it till you try it okay?

PC: @facebyari IG (me!)

Mirrored Sunglasses:

Chunky Frames:

Leather Jacket!

A leather jacket is a MUST for fall! You don't have to break the bank by purchasing a genuine leather jacket, you can buy faux leather! They can be found at several stores, and even at thrift stores! The most important thing about finding the perfect leather jacket is finding the right fit for you! Here are a couple tips on what to look for: Structure rather than ones that are too oversized. Remember, Leather jackets tend to look better when not zipped completely, so as long as it doesn’t look like you’re trying to squeeze into it, it’s probably a good fit!

The sleeves shouldn’t go two inches past the wrist. If they do, consider going down a size or getting the sleeves tailored.

Look for a bomber or cropped style jacked it you have a short torso!

PC: @theplussizeblog

Over the knee Boots!

Over the knee boots are so freaking cute! But if you have wide calves, they are hard to come by. Thankfully over the past couple years, the fashion industry has realized that plus size girls wanna look cute too! ammirite? Because of that, OTK boots have become a little more accessible. The best places I've found for specifically wide calf OTK boots are Lane Bryant and Torrid. There are several online retailers that carry wide calf boots, but they can sometimes be a little hit and miss, and returning online purchases is such a headache! If you catch Lane Bryant or Torrid on a sale, you can get some great deals!

PC: @kimthai IG

Printed Cardigans!

Printed cardigans are an outfit all on their own! You can literally wear all black, throw on a funky cardigan, and you look like you've spent so much time putting together an outfit. For added bonus points, throw on a big pair of sunnies and you'll look like a celebrity! Leopard print is totally on trend this season, but you can try so many different patterns, like stripes, polka dots, floral, geometric shapes, and other types of animal prints. The possibilities are endless!

PC: @ordinaryshesnot

Hoop Earrings!

When it comes to earrings I am the literal worst! I am constantly losing my earrings, so I stopped investing so much money into jewelry, which is kinda annoying since I do love it so much! Anyway, big hoop earrings have become a necessity of mine to pull together any outfit that seems to be missing that "wow factor" They are simple, timeless, and can be paired with any outfit you can think of!

PC: @karlatobie

Fitted Turtleneck Sweaters!

Quick backstory: I fell in love with this tight black turtleneck from Forever 21 two years ago, and it has holes in it from me wearing and washing it so much, but I wont throw it away since it's so cute and fits me like a glove. Ugh.

Anyway, get rid of your chunky oversized turtlenecks and try out a fitted one! Trust me when I say you'll feel like a baddie in one. They look so good on anyone and instantly make you look fall ready and put together. It's my goal to find another black turtleneck like the one I can't get rid of haha!

PC: @mediocrefatty IG

(follow her! she's amazing!!)

Well my GCM beauties, that's it for today's article! Please stay tuned for a fall makeup article and video, and keep an eye out for giveaways! As always, comment what style you're going to try this fall season and let me know if you have any article suggestions or want me to film a tutorial on a specific style! Love you guys and stay pretty!


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