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Updated: Nov 4, 2018

One morning I went to our local bookstore, and looked around for a book that was not too thick and something that called out for me to read it. I haven’t read in about a year and a half, too busy playing house and being a dedicated mom and wife, our son just started kindergarten, finally I feel I might have time to read again. So as I looked around, I saw Ayiti, it was the perfect thickness, so I picked it up and as I usually do, I read the last paragraph of the book.

I can’t stand a bad ending either in a film or in a book.

Ayiti was a compelling book, well written with amazing storylines. It’s about Haiti, the strife of its people, love, perseverance, strength. Reading this book made me want to know and learn more about the Haitian culture and the writer herself.

I’m now reading her “Bad Feminist” book. Her books and writings actually inspired me to start Grinning Cat Mag website. Although some paragraphs in Bad Feminist made me question myself and my relationship with women.

I love the way she expresses herself and how she perceives the world through her eyes. Her life struggles have made her even stronger, positive and beautiful all around. I commend her gentle and beautiful spirit in a harsh world. She is a great writer and I’m a loyal fan.

If you haven’t read any of her book, please get one and you won’t regret it.

Dear Roxanne, I love you!

Some of her published books:-


The best American Short Stories

Bad Feminist

Difficult Women

Not That Bad


Black Panther, World of Wakanda

Please check out her website for complete list of writings.

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