Sheet Pan Magic : Sweet chili glazed Barramundi with vegetables

Prep time 10-15 minutes

Total time 30 minutes

Feeds 4 people


4 Filets Barramundi (got ours from Wholefoods, seafood frozen section)

5-8 Multi colored potatoes (may do more if you like, we try to portion control our carbs)

Thickly sliced

½ Broccoli head cut into florets

2 Onions - thickly sliced

4 Whole garlic cloves - with or without skin

½-1 Can chickpeas - drained and rinsed

1 Bunch asparagus - cut the bottom but leave some chewy parts, great source of prebiotic

1 Pinch cumin powder

1 Pinch Ras el Hanout (spice section at WholeFoods)

Sea salt & pepper

2 Tbs Sweet chili sauce

1 tsp Sesame oil

Olive oil


Heat oven to 375 for convection or 400 for non convection.

Make the sweet chili glaze by mixing the sweet chili sauce and sesame oil.

Add sliced potatoes, onions, garlic broccoli florets, chickpeas on one large baking pan, then add olive oil, cumin powder, Ras el Hanout, season with salt and pepper.

Place fish on top of vegetables, add some olive oil, salt & pepper on fish and give them a rub, brush some glaze all over fish, top and bottom.

Bake vegetables and fish in pre-heated oven until fish is cooked through and potatoes are tender when poked with a fork, about 10-15 minutes. Check for fish doneness after about 6 minutes, if your fish is cooked though, take them out and place on a plate and cover with foil.

On another pan add asparagus on another sheet, add olive oil and season with salt and pepper. Bake in oven until they turn bright green, about 5-6 minutes. (I like my vegetables to be green and retain some crunchiness)

*I hardly measure everything to the tee when it comes to cooking, I've learned to eyeball and use my instincts for cooking. You could add other types of vegetables of preference as well, just have fun with it.

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