Spiritual Interconnectivity

Updated: Jul 2, 2019

As a person, we tend to think as an individual, we do things in most time based on what will benefit us most, the motivation is usually driven for a personal gain or family gain, whatever that may be. Even when we join a community, a religious practice, church, mosque and so on, we do it for personal gain, it could be an ambition or a dream to go to heaven, to be a CEO, to be accepted, the list goes on. Even when we decide to do some charity or philanthropic work, why do we do it? Most of the time, again to feel good about ourselves, to be part of a community, for our own personal gain of some kind.

We forget, that every single one of us, every one of us on this planet born from a star, in every one of us, there is a particle of the Star. We forget, when we breathe in the air that we breathe, we breathe in a part of each other, we share the same air, recycled air, the air that I breathed into my lungs, then, I breathe out a part of me, the air particles and whatever else our eyes can’t see out into the air to be shared by others. Whatever I’m feeling within me, the energy within me, it could be my anger, frustration, any form of feeling which is an energy that is alive, as alive as we are breathing, out into the air without realizing, I am creating some kind of an energy ripple within the Universe. Who I am, who we are, in thoughts, intentions, feelings, emotions, all of these within me, as I breathe out, I share it with the world.

When I am happy, you are happy, we are happy within, also, we share it with the world, we create a vibration of energy outwardly into the Universe.

This concept is hard to wrap around our individualistic thought process. This is my thought process, this is me, I am born from a Star, I am one with the Universe, I am also an individual, but by understanding that I am connected with everything and everyone around me by simply being here, existing. Yes, I get frustrated and confused and at times annoyed when I am being civil, practicing basic social etiquette by opening/holding a door for a person, smiling after the person making eye contact and just getting an evil eye, by being ignored at when I tried talking to some moms at school, in my mind, at that moment, all I could think of is, Fuck you bitch, what is your problem? And this reaction is totally normal, I am human, we all are. But rather than letting it become who I am, I try to think of who I am and how I am feeling and reacting will impact my environment.

We are interconnected, not just with each other but, with every single thing on this planet. My theory is also that what goes in the soil through our farming practices, the foods we eat, the drugs/medications we consume, all of it goes through our system and back down into our water, soil and oceans. Plastics and things we can see are just part of it, but the things we can’t see, the vibrations and the atoms we release from within us play a big and important role as well. The world we are living in today, is the world we first envisioned and then created. It was all from imagination, intention and then creation.

Unknowingly, our vibrations as well have an impact on our weather and planet, angry us, angry vibrations, angry weather and planet, the cycle goes on. We are One, One planet, One same recycled air, One people. We cannot be separated from one another, we are interconnected whether we like it to be, or not, as soon as we can think as a person, we must understand that only through an awareness of how we are all connected, that our actions, our mindfulness practice, that we are not just individuals, but, we are One spiritually through birth into this planet. Only though the understanding of Spiritual Interconnectivity, one day, we will reach a peaceful existence with one another. It requires a constant dialogue within, I feel it’s a daily practice, this constant dialogue within me, reasoning, calming, understanding all of me, so when I breathe out, I try my best to breathe out not my anger, but, the love and a sense of purity out into the air. I feel it’s a constant ongoing daily practice for me.

As a child, I would be the first to wake up and be outside and look up the skies and wondered about the world, the same at night, I will always look up the stars and wondered about the world around me and beyond. To me even as child, the concept of us killing each other over religion, greed, glory was beyond my comprehension. Why would we? When we are all part of One planet. Who cares which country we are from? I thought if we all came from the same source, we must always strive for being the best of us and that is the light within us.

So how do we practice Spiritual Kindness?

First - In my opinion, is to practice The Freedom of thought, this means to free our minds from all dogmas, all that had been taught as a child that separate us all.

Second - To understand and know that we are interconnected and the acceptance of it.

Third - To listen deeply and quietly to us within, I say us, because there are many us within us, the kind us, the angry us, the gentle us, the diva us, the holy us, there are many of us within us.

Fourth - Is Spiritual Meditation. No matter what religious practice you have, Spiritual Meditation is Universal, it is you connecting with the Universe, the Divine, God. No dogmas. Through Spiritual Meditation, we can practice breathing in the love and strength of the Universe and cleanse the angry spirit within us and breathe out Love into the Universe through clear intention and quietness of our spirit.

Setting kind intentions and thoughts as our daily practice and it will become part of our breath. From cooking, eating, before drinking your water, the practice of setting kind and positive intentions can be included prior to every action we take.

Lastly - The step to peace is to understand, that there is not one single true religion, Spiritual Practice is what feels right to a person and what the person feels most connected to, because when one is truly connected, you will know that we are all intertwined with each other in a web atomically, biologically, chemically.

Much love always xoxo

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