Staying Grounded When Life Shifts - by Empowered StarBoss, Livia Jenvey

You gotta love this time of the year. It's when the holiday season shifts into festive hyperdrive. It's during this time right after you've finished carving the turkey and

before you've finished eating the left-overs. You gotta start to plan for all those end of

year holidays.

There are gifts to get, party outfits to style, and decorations to put up. You've got to figure out ways to entertain the kids during their winter break while determining how on earth to tote all those gifts you're bringing to the family holiday gathering(s). Oh, and don't forget about the food you said you'd bring to all those holiday parties you seem to have been invited too.

With all this in your head, the season of joy can have you quickly spinning like a madwoman, feeling totally out of control and very ungrounded.

Well, you're in luck, here is a quick and easy tip to staying grounded when life shifts.

TIP For Empowering A Grounded Day

Before you start your day, take a minimum of 3 to 5 minutes to do the following exercise

to empower a grounded day.

  • In the morning, set your alarm 5 minutes earlier than you usually do. When you wake up, you can give yourself the option to either do this exercise while still in bed.

  • Or if you don't trust yourself not to fall back to sleep, get out of your bed and find someplace warm, comfortable, and quiet to go.

  • When you are ready, set a timer for 3 minutes.

  • After the timer starts, close your eyes and bring your awareness to your breath.

  • Begin to gently breathe in deeper.

  • After three full deep breaths in and out, continue your deep breathing by adding the following words with each in and out breath.

  • When you inhale, say to yourself (either internally or out loud): I Am Grounded.

  • Then for your exhale say to yourself (either internally or out loud): Letting Go.

  • Continue breathing with saying these words with each inhale and exhale until your three minutes are up.

That's it, easy peasy.

The benefits of doing this exercise are, when you you breathe in the words, I am grounded. You're letting your body empower itself in a state of being grounded for your day.

As you breathe out the words, letting go, you enable your body to let go of any stress, overwhelm, or ungrounded feelings that might come up during the day.

You'll notice when you do this exercise each day. You will feel more grounded and in control no matter what shifts happen throughout your days.

Plus, anytime in the day, you might find yourself feeling ungrounded, you can easily practice this exercise again. Though I would advise not to do it while you're driving, or when you are doing anything where you have to be active or pay attention.

So if you're finding yourself being ungrounded, during this shift of the holiday season, try out this exercise. It will quickly empower you back to being grounded, so you can accomplish all the great things you have planned for this December.

Livia Jenvey is a Business Coach, entrepreneur, speaker, and author. She helps women holistically get past the challenges they face as entrepreneurs to become successful businesswomen.

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