Super Easy & Quick Lunch Recipe - Kale & White Bean Naan Pizza

I created this recipe one busy afternoon when I just didn't feel like eating any meat but would like something quick, nutritious and filling. Surprisingly, our son loved this as much as I did. I always have home-made pesto ready in the fridge for my lazy days, it's handy to have to add a layer of flavor to either breakfast, lunch or dinner. If you don't have time to make some, store bought pesto would work as well. But I'd suggest start making some to keep and you won't regret it.

*Sorry for the picture, I'm so busy, hard to find the time to make everything look perfect, I can only keep it real!


Basil & Pine Pesto

(By all means, you may change basil to parsley and pine nuts to walnuts or almonds)

(I hardly every measure when I cook, eye ball and taste everything until you get the perfect taste to your liking, start with less as you can add more)


1 Whole pack of basil - just leaves

1/4 Cup raw pine nuts

1-2 Garlic cloves - skin off

1/2 Cup grated parmigiano

1/3 Cup good quality extra virgin olive oil (store bought always have two types of oil in their pesto)

Sea salt/kosher & pepper to taste


Dump everything in the food processor and press the blend button, taste if any extra seasoning needed and voilla, you have your home made pesto!

Kale & White Bean Naan Pizza

Serving Size : 2 -4 depending on appetite!


2 Naan bread - store bought

1/3 Cup organic canned white beans or navy beans

1/3 Cup organic chickpeas

4 Tbs pesto

2-3 Leaves of kale - halved and sliced

14-1/2 Cup cheese of choice, basically whatever you have in the fridge, I used Beecher's

1 Tbs Extra virgin olive oil

Salt & pepper to taste


  • Preheat oven to broil on a lower temperature setting

  • Put naan bread on a baking tray

  • Spread generously with pesto, add kale then both chickpeas and white beans, season with some salt and pepper and topped with cheese

  • Put tray in oven and broil until cheese is melted about 5 minutes or less depending on your oven

  • Once done, transfer to a serving plate and drizzle with some good quality EVOO, sprinkle with chili pepper if you like some zing. Enjoy!

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