Transitioning your Wardrobe: Winter into Spring

How many of you are ready to trade in that heavy winter coat for a lighter brighter look? I know I am! However, I also know I'm not willing to break the bank by going out and buying a whole new wardrobe. Springtime is the perfect time of year to experiment with soft colors, bold floral patterns, and all sorts of other different styles. It's a time to start fresh and brighten up our clothing from the darker heavier pieces we've been wearing all fall and winter long and trading them with just a few staple items, that will successfully transition your current winter wardrobe into a chic springtime look!

Trade in your knitted scarf for a lighter scarf! The airy material of these scarves lay beautifully on any blouse, and they are surprisingly warm! So if you live in a cooler state, you can keep yourself from freezing all while still looking cute!

Trade in your dark shoes, and sweaters for the same items, but in pops of colors, or in floral prints. This is by far the easiest way to transition your wardrobe. All you need are a couple of cute bright colored/patterned items that you can incorporate into your existing wardrobe to freshen it up and make it look like you splurged when really, all you did was buy a couple of pieces!

Trade your long pants for skirts with tights and boots! Something about mini skirts and tights just screams spring! And just like the light flowy scarves, your legs will stay surprisingly warm! If sheer tights aren't your thing, swap them for an opaque pair or even a pair of leggings for the same effect!

check out for inspiration on how to style your mini skirts and tights!

Trade in that bulky winter coat for for a colorful rain coat. You would be totally surprised by how many cute rain coats there are out there! As the weather is getting a little warmer, you can definitely get away with a lighter jacket, so why not make it a cute one?

Lastly, trade in your beanies for cute hats! If you are a hat lover (like myself) then this trade will be right up your alley. I am the type of person that needs to be warm from head to toe especially during the winter, so naturally, I gravitate towards beanies. Unfortunately, beanies are not necessarily appropriate for all-year wear ☹ but these Panama style hats from Forever21 totally are!;-_-2000314970-_-4416-_-5;-_-2000325877-_-4416-_-6

Make sure if you try out any of these style trades, you tag us in your Instagram post, and use the hashtag #grinningcatmag to be featured on our account! Happy spring, and happy shopping!

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