Who is Krista Moy?

Updated: Sep 24, 2019

Krista Moy a.k.a Mistakoy

Krista was introduced to me through a good friend of mine in New York, when I first decided to start GrinningCat Magazine, I was looking for interesting, honest, badass writers who writes and speaks honestly with conviction and fearless.

After doing some digging with Googleclopedia, I immediately felt strongly connected with Krista. I'm so glad she is part of our little family and I hope we get to see more of her work in the future in all specialties and expertise! She is awesome!

Hi Krista, when I think of you what comes to mind is a mysterious feline character with many lives, you are a writer, Graffiti artist, artist, comedian, but who is Krista? Please give us some insights of Krista Moy and how did Mistakoy transpire?

That’s actually a really accurate description of me. Do you mind if I borrow that?

I’m not an old soul, but not a young one either. I’m here to bring joy, laughter, truth, knowledge, and leave people wondering my ethnicity.

I’ve always been labeled an artist, but that ‘s taken many forms. After I graduated school for fashion design, I didn’t feel like getting a job in that industry. I started exploring other things- stand up, jewelry, illustration, painting, sculpture. I’ve never been good at being one thing. I just wish I was good at any one of those things.

Mistakoy came about because I always felt strange having my government name attached to my work. I wanted an alter ego, like a superhero. Mistakoy is a simple play on my name Krista Moy, which felt intuitive to me. When I eventually became a street artist, that ‘s what people knew me as. It was a bonus that the “mista” part led people to assume I’m a dude, which is pretty great.

What were you like as a child? Were you always funny and creative? Did you talk a lot? I sure did!

Weird and shy with the imagination of a drag queen. I lived a lot in my head and never really grasped team sports, games, activities, and normal kid stuff like that. I really liked toys like barbies that I could make my own worlds. My days was spent playing pretend, drawing, singing, listening to music, doing impressions of everyone, climbing trees, cracking jokes and doing everything I could to not go to school.

Sharing my talents with others wasn’t something I felt confident enough to do until I was older. I was very sensitive and emotional. Once I came home from my first day of 2nd grade crying because my desk was too big. I was also very depressed. I experienced a sexual trauma that sent me into a lifetime of healing, which I believe was the cause of my lack of self-confidence and mental health issues.

What was the craziest thing you’ve ever done in your life?

Went on the dating show Excused (no longer airing) where I willingly made out with two random guys on network television. They paid me $100 for the day.

When it comes to Art, who and what are your source of inspiration? Any particular artist, subject matter?

Oprah is the light that guides me. I will follow her to the end of the earth.

Prince is the greatest artist that ever was. He was also very funny.

Comedy is how I view the world, because it’s all so ridiculous if you really think about it. The first time I knew I wanted to be a comedian was in high school when I watched Margaret Cho’s comedy special. I love Ali Wong, Gilda Radner, Judd Apatow, Wes Anderson, Maya Rudolph, Chris Farley, Ellen Degeneres, Amanda Seales, Tiffany Haddish… I could literally go on forever but no one needs that. I do want to note I think Nicole Richie is hilarious and very underrated.

I adore the drag community because it doesn’t take itself too seriously. That’s what turned me off about fashion, so serious. Drag feels like magic, like anything is possible. Some of my favorite drag queens are RuPaul (duh), Shangela, Katya, Bianca Del Rio, Alaska Thunderfuck, Kimchi, and Miz Cracker.

One of my favorite screenwriters in Nora Ephron. Her movies are brilliant, particularly When Harry Met Sally. Paulo Coehlo’s book The Alchemist has been a huge inspiration to me all three times I read it.

Fashion will always hold a special place in my heart. Some of my fashion inspirations are Diane Von Furstenburg, Betsey Johnson, Jeremy Scott, and Alexander McQueen.

My paintings are inspired by Gustav Klimt, Banksy, Andy Warhol, and fashion using pop culture and women as subject matter.

Britney Spears remains my most requested impression. She is a classic.

I am also very inspired by Japan, but who isn’t!

How and when did you start doing Graffiti Art? Did you just wake up one day and had the Aha moment to paint all over the city?

I started taking my art to the streets after moving with 2 street artists in 2013. My first street art piece was stencil of a robot, and we all went together around Brooklyn and just found little spots to put stuff up. It was one of the funnest most thrilling things. From there I tried freehand fashion illustrations which was very stressful to do because I’m slow. My preferred style became wheat pasting, because it’s fast and impactful. I don’t do it anymore, but I love the romanticism of making something to give to the world. Once you put it up, it no longer belongs to you and has a life of its own, sometimes only hours.

Is there a lot of female Graffiti Artist out there? Do you know some of them? Who do you think we should keep an eye out for?

I do know some females graffiti artists, but like most other industry besides fashion and beauty, it’s predominantly male. Some great female artists are J Corp, Shiro One, London Kaye, and Diana “Didi” Contreras.

Where can we find your work? You paint a lot of female characters, are they someone you know or imaginary?

I don’t think there is anything of mine still up anymore on the streets. I didn’t have a large body of work out there. The characters I paint are versions of myself or specific people. I’ve painted the singer Yuna, a friend of mine who is a fashion designer, anything that inspires me. My most recent paintings were depicting me and my higher self, similar to the themes by the meme artist Bunny Michael. They were a series showing various stages of self love in a woman’s life. My work that hasn’t been sold resides in my home with some pictures of it on instagram.

If there is anyone who’s interested in buying your work or would like to commission one, where can they find you?

My instagram- @mistakoy

Is there any current projects you are working on you’d like to share with us?

I am writing a web series called Food Babies starring myself and the very funny Josie Moore. We play two hot, hungry, and horny food bloggers in Brooklyn who are trying to get paid for their love of food. We are still in the writing phase but will have something to watch by the end of the year. Keep a look out for us on IGTV!

You and La Luna made a few very funny youtube videos, I know it’s a specific type of comedy, but I forgot the name of it, could you tell us more about it and the concept behind it? What inspired you and La Luna to produce it? Apart from youtube videos, do you do stand up comedy?

I’m pretty sure we invented this style of comedy- an ASMR comedy talk show. ASMR stands for Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response, basically meaning you get off on people whispering and chewing in your ear. To me that’s some of the funniest stuff I’ve seen in my life, so it felt natural to make a comedy series about it. La Luna and I wanted to make videos of us eating various things and talking about certain topics.

So The ASMR Shhhow was born. I haven’t seen anyone else do that style of comedy yet, but if you have gimme a holler!

Yes, I do stand up. I haven’t performed much this year because I am focusing on writing the Food Babies web series. I have jokes burning a hole in my pocket, but only so many hours in the day.

What are the challenges for you being a female artist in a big city like New York? How do you survive and make a living?

I keep the lights on by designing dolls for a toy company. I’m one of the lucky ones that gets to work from home. I struggle with feeling over stimulated here. As I mentioned before, I’m very sensitive.There is so much happening. So many events, sounds, people, places to go, smells… it’s a lot. I have to make an effort to do nothing and clear my head, otherwise there is too much noise in there to feel inspired by any of it.

Being a female comic has its ups and downs wherever you are. For one thing, women aren’t funny, so that makes comedy really tough. Second, it’s a male dominated industry, so you have to really seek-out the “safe places” to freely practice your material. I’ve bombed in a room full of 20-something white dudes telling dick jokes before, but I wasn’t an experience I would recommend to a friend.

If you could have one super power, what will it be and why?

Maybe never having to pee? That sounds so cool. I always have to pee and it sucks. It would also be cool to be able to turn into any animal I want at any time. Animals have much better instincts than we do. Having all the powers of the animal kingdom would be dope.

Do you believe there are other intelligent forms of life in the Universe and beyond?

Absolutely, way more intelligent than us. Humans are super limited.

What do you think about us humans trying to get to Mars? Is it a good idea when we can’t even communicate well with each other on Earth and hardly doing a great job at taking care of our own planet.

I think we will have the same problems on Mars as we have here. Wherever we go, chaos will follow. I foresee rich people trying to get away from us and travel to Mars to build an elite community of the 1% where they can be lawless and squander their material wealth. Mars won’t be an option for normal people. Or it will be another place to keep our trash.

What do you think of Love? Is it a necessity or good to have but OK without it?

I think Love is the only truth that exists. I like to think of it as a light that never goes out. It gets covered, blocked, or moved very far away so we can’t see or feel it, but it's always on ready to brighten shit up. It’s an energy. We are all capable of experiencing it, but it starts with loving ourselves. Love is a necessity to feel whole. I believe you can of course live your life focused on other things, like money or whatever, but you will be void of happiness because you are not connected to the source.

Love is scary though if you don’t understand it. It is connected to a lot of “bad” emotions, like fear, sadness, hate, jealousy, and embarrassment. If you open yourself up to love, you are vulnerable to these other emotions as well. The more you love something or someone, the more pain you are capable of feeling. It’s a double edged sword.

Romantic love isn’t necessary for everyone. We’re all different. It’s one of the most transformative experiences I’ve ever had.

In your opinion, how can we all co-exist peacefully with each other?

Understanding. That’s all we lack. If we could shut the fuck up long enough to listen each other so we can realize we were all unwillingly born and just trying to get through this thing called life. Then we could just leave each other alone and let people be who they are, as long as they aren’t hurting anyone. People are so fucking scared of what they don’t understand.

It’s been so awesome to have you be part of our Grinning Cat family and thank you for sharing with us a Glimpse to your beautiful mind and being!

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