• Price of Prints is the overall paper size, including a non-printed border margin approx. 1"-3" wide. 
  • Each print is signed and dated by the artist.


Dreamscapes series are remarkable for their synthesis of surrealistic and literal motifs. One is reminded of both Magritte and Hopper. Time seems to literally stand still for a moment, and then worlds shift--we enter some new realm where colors and figures reach a higher intensity. Suddenly, we want to see everything around us through her eyes. The work is like a portal into another time, a peaceful time of stillness and golden light--magical, delicate.


For more than thirty years, San Francisco artist Andrea Polland has worked independently of current art world trends and fashions.Whether painting in a realistic or an abstract syle, her organizing principle is always the same: the creation of beauty.Influenced less by her contemporaries than by the great Modernists of the late nineteenth and early twentieth century, Andrea Polland picks up the thread of classical scene painting and gives it a self-conscious face unique to our time

39 Steps by Andrea Polland

39 Steps by Andrea Polland

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