• Price of Prints is the overall paper size, including a non-printed border margin approx. 1"-3" wide. 
  • each print is signed and dated by the artist.


Mindscapes drawings were inspired by a series of lectures on the subject of quantum physics. Ms. Polland was fascinated by the notion that our material world is, at its core, an interplay of sub-atomic particles within enormous spaces. With this new understanding of physical reality, she set out to  translate the science into art. The result is yet another, entirely different, time-stopping vision. Here we can almost see Mondrian wandering through one of M.C. Escher's mazes until he finds the secret entrance to Polland's four dimensional world.


For more than thirty years, San Francisco artist Andrea Polland has worked independently of current art world trends and fashions.Whether painting in a realistic or an abstract syle, her organizing principle is always the same: the creation of beauty.Influenced less by her contemporaries than by the great Modernists of the late nineteenth and early twentieth century, Andrea Polland picks up the thread of classical scene painting and gives it a self-conscious face unique to our time.

Inside Outside In by Andrea Polland

Inside Outside In by Andrea Polland

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