• Price of Prints is the overall paper size, including a non-printed border margin approx. 1"-3" wide. 
  • each print is signed and dated by the artist.


The Meditations series is the place to look. Tibetan Buddhists teach a type of meditation they call "calm abiding"--peacefulness arising out of quiet being. Inspired by the mandalas of that Buddhist tradition, Ms. Polland seeks to attain a state of "calm abiding" by using an ancient method of drawing--the quill pen and ink--for these Meditations. Each line requires a separate dip of the pen into ink. Then each small area is separately brushed in with water color. There is no hurry, there is only quiet being. And as we contemplate these patterns within patterns, we not only see deeply into the artist, but we are ourselves drawn with her into that state of peacefulness and calm abiding.


For more than thirty years, San Francisco artist Andrea Polland has worked independently of current art world trends and fashions. Whether painting in a realistic or an abstract syle, her organizing principle is always the same: the creation of beauty. Influenced less by her contemporaries than by the great Modernists of the late 19th and early 20th century, Andrea Polland picks up the thread of classical scene painting and gives it a self-conscious face unique to our time.

Meditation No. 9 by Andrea Polland

Meditation No.9 by Andrea Polland

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